mel founder canyon ranch simone krame Simone has strong leadership skills and an immense ability to get things done. During her time at Canyon Ranch, she reached management executive competency levels quicker than any of the thousands of people I’ve employed in various businesses over my 50-year career span.
Simone demonstrates a keen sensitivity and great compassion. She cares deeply for others and has the ability to bring out the best in those who work with her.

Founder, Canyon Ranch

I started working with Simone because I was finally ready to take charge of my mental and physical health. In the past, I was mainly focused on my physical appearance, and I put a tremendous amount of stress on my body, doing massive amounts of cardio and eating as few calories as possible. I also struggled with stress and was constantly dealing with brain fog at work.
Simone helped me make consistent, sustainable changes to improve my overall health. Through her coaching, I understood why meditation was important and developed a practice of my own. Together we worked through the fears I had about nourishing my body properly, and I started eating in a way that improved my health and increased my mental clarity and focus tenfold. Her recommendation to add a weight lifting component to my physical activities has helped me grow significantly stronger. Before working with Simone, I had a depleted immune system and was constantly sick. Since we’ve started coaching together, I haven’t missed a single day of work.
Simone brings an open heart and mind to each of our sessions, and allows me to do the same. Her passion and genuine desire to help improve all of the lives around her shines through in her work. With Simone’s help, I am now treating my body with the respect that it deserves.


Simone's entire philosophy is that each person needs help in a different way. In our time together, she has helped me alter my diet to accommodate and improve my health conditions and she has also helped me change the way I perceive myself. Simone is always genuinely interested in what is going on with me; I am comfortable talking with her about my work life, personal life, fitness life, and everything in between.
She knows exactly what questions to ask to make me reflect, and although our sessions are sometimes emotional and challenging, she’s always there to support me. We are on this journey together.

New York

Simone’s knowledge of all things nutrition, exercise, and spirituality-related is second to none. She exhibits an extraordinary commitment to helping others, and her coaching style is both reassuring and proactive. Simone has such passion for her work, and I look forward to every session with her. 
Working with Simone has dramatically improved my eating habits, and with her support I am setting and reaching higher goals than ever. Simone has also helped me manage my work-related stress, which has been a key part of my journey to Conscious Health. She has guided me to a better, healthier lifestyle at the ripe old age of 58, which I did not think was possible!

New Jersey

Simone is truly an “Old Soul” and I believe God brought her into my life. I am almost 30 years older than Simone and I feel as though she is my Mentor.  She has taught me to learn self-compassion and self-love. I have struggled with insecurity, anxiety and feelings of not being “good enough”. Simone, with her kind and wise insight has shown me that I am worthy and has given me tools to work with when these “doubts” creep in.