I have not always embraced the philosophy of Conscious Health. I spent countless years focused on what was “wrong” with me, unable to recognize the things that were working in my life. I engaged in unhealthy habits, from the latest fad diet to excessive exercise regimens, all in pursuit of having the “perfect body.”

At the time I thought I was getting everything right, but in retrospect I see that my priorities were way out-of-whack. I may have appeared healthy, but my lifestyle wasn’t healthy at all. I used nutrition and fitness as ways to control my body, and my mental and spiritual health took a backseat to my physical appearance.

I had to be the best at everything I did, and viewed anything short of perfection as failure. This approach worked for a little while, but it was unsustainable to live that way. While those around me complimented my appearance, discipline, and ability to accomplish any task put before me, I was left feeling inadequate, anxious, and depressed.

A conflict was raging inside me, and I could no longer ignore it. Outwardly my life seemed perfect, but I lacked a true, meaningful connection to my authentic self and hungered for inner tranquility. I was trying to fill this unknown void in my life externally, but the key to my freedom could only be found within.

My personal revelation came when I enrolled in a Mindfulness and Meditation course. I began to explore who I really was, below the surface and the image. As I looked within, I learned to surrender to my inner voice and stopped living life for the approval of others. I learned to lovingly say to myself, “You are enough.”



By no means am I suggesting that I don’t experience the everyday pitfalls and travails of the human experience, but through practice, focus, and intent, I have learned how to better cope with adversity and perceived imperfections in myself and others.

I’ve also learned there is no magic formula for success; the path is different for everyone. I strongly believe that all of us are entitled to live happy, healthy, loving, and fulfilling lives. With the right guidance and encouragement, this is possible for anyone.

Fast forward to today. I am engaged in a healthy relationship with my body. I intentionally make health and lifestyle choices that support my well-being. I am in tune with the foods, exercises, and thoughts that nourish my mind, body, and soul best. I am on the path of Conscious Health.

I’d be delighted to help guide you on your unique path to self-discovery and optimal health while I continue to travel down my own.